Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail | The making of a quilt square

This has been in the works for quite a while, like so many other things. Finally the stars aligned and the work has begun for a quilt square displayed on the front of the studio. It started several years ago when my Nana and I quilted a blanket together, shown here. I picked the pattern "grandmother's flower garden" and together we picked the fabric. I'll not forget those moments we spent together. Nana's perfectionistic quirks, necessary with quilting I might add. In her basement we used the sewing machines for a bit of the work. Later, quilting hundreds of hexagons by hand, her being sure that we put in a safety pin to mark squares that I completely stitched on my own.

Being as this moment meant so much to me, when I heard of the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail and saw the amazing quilts displayed throughout our community, on the sides of barns, businesses and homes...I just new I had to have one on the studio!


So, Tuesday I spent a bit of time at the UHQT studios planning my square since we'll change the colors a bit to coordinate with my crazy pink studio facade. Oh my, I met some great folks who were enjoying every moment of the prep, design, and finishing of several squares. Making this project that much MORE special... knowing I'll have a chance to work with such lovely people.

Clearly, I thought it necessary to document this journey. Next documentation will be painting the square with Nana and my daughter. I cannot wait to honor my Nana with this square on my studio...literally, my heart just leaped.

Side note: Yes, that's homemade cake you see amongst the paints. This is the type of fabulous folks involved, y'all. Happy!

If you're unfamiliar with this sort of project, go visit the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail website.