Tapley + Whitney | South Carolina Wedding Photography


Sometimes I'm slow. When we first met they mentioned Tapley being a baker. Not until the wedding day did I put it all together...

Hello. His family, Strossner's of Greenville!

Let's just say I had some GREAT pimento cheese during the pre-ceremony and swiped an amazing truffle before they were all gone at the reception.

Gracious sakes. Nothing like top notch food, AND good times with friends and family.

Seriously, these guys, partied their little hearts out.

Squeezing all the goodness possible from the celebration. Always lovely to see.

The clear, bright, sunny day made the colors POP and gave yummy lens flare during the sunset.

Shall I mention I love how I've had several brides go old school with bird seed this year. So much safer than sparklers.

To Tapley and Whitney... may your cupboard always be full of yummy breads and pastries! Hugs!


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