Blue Ridge Mountains Photography


In all the rush, rush of the holidays. I took a few minutes to ride around this afternoon, between sessions, searching new places and new water to photograph. It was an attempt to slow myself down and clear my head. However, nature shooting isn't as relaxing as it seems. It was freezing cold with 90 mile an hour winds. Quite the task, to keep your footing by a creek with a heavy camera and tripod. A tripod which I'm very amateur at using…which makes me all the more awkward, and the task that much more difficult.

I've come to realize for this type of shooting I need waders (I hope that's how you spell it). Every angle I wanted required getting in the water, and it just wasn't possible. Boo

I'm getting there. I've for sure got more to learn and experiment on this subject.

So there you have it. Something other than pretty ladies in white dresses and drooling babies. Happy fall!