Studio News | 2014


I always look forward to the new year. It's a time to rehash the business of the past and organize the business ahead.

As always, I'm constantly adjusting my products and pricing to meet customer needs.

Thinking of 2013, the one thing that really took off in the studio was framing.

My framer, love them!

You know. That long LOST art of customer service…

they've found it and as far as I'm concerned pretty much own it.

They make me look good.

So for 2014, I've made framing available ONLINE, not just in the studio!

Here's a screen capture of the shopping cart...



If there's one thing I hear from clients it's -- "I just want to pick it up ready to go on the wall, otherwise I'll never get to it (framing)."

I've also heard, "yep, my pictures are still in the bag/packaging."

Get my drift?

You - guiding my business - it works awesome that way.

I've also decided to add an additional perk for 2014 baby club clients - 15% off all prints/products purchased from club sessions. I'm extending this discount to all 2013 club clients as well, for each remaining 2014 club session.

About wedding bookings for the studio, I can probably only feasibly do 5 more weddings for 2014. If you're thinking about our services, please call us soon!

Along with those few tweaks in products/pricing/offerings, I've got some really exciting news about programs available for the community via my studio. I'm about to bust to tell it all, but there's several details to still be worked out…so I'm keeping a zipped lip.

Lastly, as you may have read on a previous post, I now offer essential oils in the studio. I hope to have another oil party in the studio soon! Essential oils are great for ANYONE and have really been such a blessing for my family and our health this winter. If you are interested in oils and how to purchase or just need more information you can start at my pinterest board, message me, or stop by the studio. If you already use oils and want a place to purchase quality oils go straight here, 

Happy 2014!

Are your goals written down yet? Do it now!

Shout out to my friend and fabulous photographer Susan Brewer of Susan Brewer Photography. She's my silent business partner in the way that we both talk about business, our dreams, our fears, what's working, what's not. It's so awesome to have a friend who gets "it." Who helps me to be a better business person, photographer and friend. Her and I take little work retreats to her family's cabin in Asheville. Grateful for her and the opportunity to hash things out together!