Happy Snow Days and Valentine's Day!


Wow what a week in the "snowy, everything's shut down" South! I love this place.

So it's Valentine's Day. I curled her hair and put a pretty red bow in it. She thinks she's something.

4 Years ago today we found out we were pregnant. She is definitely the love of our life.

Today, she's with me working.

We cook together often so of course when she heard me in the studio kitchen she came running.

Together we made a Luxury scrub with PINK Himalayan salt, which she thinks is the coolest thing since Rapunzel. Ok. Not really. But she likes it lots.


These are small 4 oz jars available with ANY gift certificate purchase in the studio today, Valentine's Day, from 1-4 or anytime next week!


The lady of the house will LOVE this. It will make her hands uber soft.

These are also listed on my Etsy site for those that aren't local. 

If you're not keeping up with us on Facebook please do so! You're missing the following events happening at the studio...

Art with Annie on Wednesdays - Our first class we had over 30 children! This is a free community event!

Tuesday night Yoga with Tara ($10) - I'll be blogging this goodness after our next class, when I can capture some images. Starts at 7pm sharp, you are welcomed to just show up!

Happy love day!

BONUS: Make a Luminary (cure that snow cabin fever)

Made these with Sadie Mae and my little brother over the snow days…. fill balloon with water, dip in hot wax (about 180degrees, I used white beeswax pellets), repeat repeat. Sit on wax paper to create level base. Wait then repeat dipping to make strong solid sides. Cool then pop balloon. Use hot pan or griddle to level off top of luminary - by turning on it's top onto hot surface. Insert votive. Wahlah! Love love love