An Upstate South Carolina Vintage Wedding


Nick played the music for my wedding many moons ago, so it was quite an honor to share in his day with my talents. He's reserved. She's outspoken. However, the love they have for God, people, and each other gives them lots of common ground.

So glad God brought them together.

Here's a few of my favorite details and personal touches.vintageweddingwThe girls custom dresses and wild flowers. Perfect.nick_bentley-323

Guys in vests and bow ties, with a suspender here and there.nick_bentley-315

Him watching her walk down the aisle.nick_bentley-372nick_bentley-370

My favorite - foot washing. nick_bentley-461

A confetti exit, yes please, can't do that in a church...that's for sure. nick_bentley-473

A few of my favs of just them at the pond.nick_bentley-593nick_bentley-574nick_bentley-567

A lovely pot luck reception, for sure my first that included a dance floor. For those of you not familiar with the term "pot-luck" each guest brought a dish! Love it!nick_bentley-763

Lots of guests… so yes, why, it was a BIG potluck.nick_bentley-622

This cake, adorbs!nick_bentley-743

Nothing better than some sparklers to say good bye...nick_bentley-795

…and a swooping up of the bride for a carry over the cabin threshold.nick_bentley-797

Seriously. I love these moments I get to celebrate with old and new friends. Best wishes to you Nick, and your new bride, Bentley. God speed to you both as you start this journey - seeking His will together. Don't look back, keep looking forward to the good plans he has for you both.