Seasons Changing

There's a season for everything... I love that verse in the bible.

This season hit me smack dab in the forehead at about mock-90.

It's a good thing, otherwise I may not have given it the time of day.

Like a bullet, my side job, if you want to call it that, essential oils with Simply Aroma, exploded between March and April.

Sorry that was way too many commas.

Anyhoo. Here I am. A team leader of over 200 ladies.

Whaaa? I've always considered myself a leader… but whoa.

I'm loving it.

These gals are amazing.

This product is amazing.

This company is amazing.

So amazing that 3 days after deciding to close my studio storefront, they hired me to do some company wide sales training.

Can you say, provision?


Whatever you want to call it.

So here I am at the crossroads of seasons, with a mind and heart at complete peace.

A husband that's happy to have me home and a daughter that is over the moon to have me working right next to her playroom.

This would be the official "the studio storefront is now closed" post.

You can reach me at the same number as always, and the same online locations as always.

One small change.

I have decided to specialize in the things that I really LOVE, Weddings and Newborns. This means I will still be offering the baby club and those sessions related to both weddings and newborns. I will NOT however be photographing high school seniors, headshots, corporate events, families, etc….

I do plan, if time permits, to offer small mini-sessions of sorts for families/children during certain seasons.

All sessions will now be on location as well.

Want to see what all the essential oil fuss is about? Get some, try it. You'll love it, promise! My Simply Aroma Website

Already have essential oils and want to join our Facebook oil discussion? Click here. Our team name is Aroma Droppers

Want to join the number one team in the company? Contact me. Seriously. If you're wishing you would have already joined us, it's not too late! August is free sign up kits!

Next up… a long over due, Savannah Georgia wedding day photography post!