Bleckley Inn Wedding


Right after this I found out I was pregnant and was super super sick for the first 4 months or so and totally neglected posting Roy and Kim's LOVELY Bleckley Inn celebration of marriage...and a celebration it WAS! I still remember the awesome live band and the crowd that enjoyed every drop, just look at the images below, you'll see. Such a privilege to photograph for long time area photographer Mr. Gillespie, his daughter's wedding. One of the nicest families I've ever photographed for, he let me do my thing, you could tell they trusted me 100%. Beautiful bride, sweet as sugar groom - he gave us photogs some tears which is always a good thing - incredible day! Thankful you guys chose me!

So the word on the street is I'll be back at weddings this upcoming spring starting at Hilton Head in May! I'll totally be ready to be back at it by then - capturing all the beauty and fun of such sweet moments.