Fall Portrait Outfits

So you've booked your fall family portraits with me and now you're stressing over what to wear? Take a peek at my fall outfit Pinterest board, click here!

Here's one of my favorites, and it would look great for Christmas cards too! I'd just recommend mom wear leggings so she's comfortable sitting, etc.

Be sure you check out my board for some neutral outfit groupings that are classic and would look great for a portrait hanging in any room of any house!

If you haven't booked your fall portrait session yet, do so SOON!

Picnic Engagement Session | Pickens SC


Lions, Tigers, Bears….OH MY. Seriously.

Fresh, wet, bear tracks on a rock is NOT what you want to see at the start of an engagement session.

There have been a few times in my life, that I've been spooked during a session…this would now be on that list.

Needless to say, we made it away from the waterfall quickly to a field where we had some fun.

OH BUT, the goodness didn't stop at the bear tracks...the rope broke on the tree swing and Emily tumbled with a YELP!

For a moment everything we attempted seemed to fall apart.

However, we managed for a peaceful moment on a quilt, snacking on animal crackers (inside joke) and making s'mores.

We continued to joke about what if we accidentally set the quilt on fire…..and how we'd just add it to the list of "crazy"!

These two are seriously as sweet in person as they look in the photographs.

They both kept smiling, even during the ruckus.

The wedding day. A piece of cake.