Rescued By Love Calendars

I'm back! What a fantastic trip to Norway...can't wait to share some images with you guys. Just wanted to let you know quickly that time is almost out for you to order your Rescued By Love 2013 calendars! They are sold at cost for $10 each. Here's a sample from our first calendar. The dates are blank so you can use them anytime by filling in the dates appropriately! They make great Christmas gifts!

To order: email us with the quantity you need at info[at] or from the contact link above. We will then send you an invoice via paypal.

Deadline: Monday, April 22nd

Cost: $10 each - we only order the amount that are pre-ordered

Pick-up: Late May

Special Surprise!!!!! ALL 2013 participants will be featured on the back page! This to commemorate our final year of fundraising and to reward everyone for their hard work!

In case you missed it, we raised a final total of $13,000, which makes our 3 years of giving over $35,000, WOW! So, we are planning for all charity event participants, of every year, a special summertime appreciation day at the park. Stay tuned for more info!

Rescued By Love 2012 | A Charity Portrait Event

It's time for our 2012 Rescued by Love, Charity Event! There are some very simple ways you can be involved in bringing hope to sweet babies struggling to survive, AND their families. Our goal is to raise $10,000 and provide the following tangible needs for the Bryan NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the Greenville Hospital System.

  • 1 - Sound Ear - $2000 - There's no barrier like the barrier of a Mother's womb to facilitate the neurological development of a baby. However, when a child is born early this barrier is gone making sound levels much more important.This instrument alerts visitors to the NICU, and nurses, of the room's noise level. For more information visit this link:
  • 1- IV Finder - $4500 - This is a "flashlight" of sorts that illuminates the skin so nurses and doctors can locate tiny veins more easily, with no risk of burning the sensitive skin of a preemie. For more information visit this link:
  • 5 - Breast Milk Warmers - $900 each - This is an advanced warmer that effectively warms frozen breast milk to the temperature that a baby would normally get from a Mother when nursing. Because of the conditions and size of most preemies nursing is not an option. This is the next, most effective, and safe way of delivering a Mother's breastmilk. This warmer is  also waterless which reduces the risk of infections for these tiny miracles. For more information visit this link:

So, here's how you can help....

Book your Rescued by Love "angel" session:, dates and times available are listed at the link. $50 ($35 baby club clients only) for the first child $15 per each additional. 15% off prints. All "children" are welcomed....this means pets too! For sample angels from a couple years ago go to

Show up for your session: These are quick 15-30 min sessions. Angel wings and rompers provided. Be sure to bring a hair brush. To view past angel portraits visit the portrait gallery in the links above titled "angels among us."

Vote for your favorite image: On the blog, when all sessions are complete, we will post every image for voting. You will be able to vote for your favorite. Each vote will be $1 per vote. That's all! The top 13 will be in the calendar, one for each month, and there will be the ultimate prize of a cover calendar kid! Your $1 votes will be made straight to GHS and that money will help pay for the items listed above!!!!

Let's rescue these sweet babies with the love we have for them and our kids! It's a good combination!

Contact me for additional questions or information,

If you would like to be a sponsor of our Wall Of Hope displayed at GHS please inquire. You can view more information about our Wall Of Hope at the page link "giving."

SO proud of these girls and the money they raised to help us reach over $8000 last year! Be looking for their faces in our ads! Thanks to our 2011 winner sponsors, The Grey Goose for the outfits and Lora Gillette at Tangles in Clemson for the hair styling!

$3000.00 to FPCC

Kinda sad this is all coming to an end, the Angels Among Us project. I took the gallery down last night and we met to give the big check to Marly at the Foothills Pregnancy Care Center. Very unplanned, but so fitting, we were able to present these monies on Mother's Day weekend to a center who invests in the lives of so many mothers! I was fashionably late of course. We've been having a horrible time here at home, me and Sadie Mae both have been so sick. I haven't felt this sick in a really long time. Strep is definitely no fun, with a mix of sinus issues and an ear ache. Sadie Mae also has an ear infection and she's teething too which doesn't make for a very happy baby. So anyway, I was surprised to even be up and dressed yesterday let alone make it to the Loft...but it happened, finally. There is a sense of relief, you know the kind you have when you complete a goal or a project. You guys have seriously made this one of the most rewarding projects/photography I've ever done. Your giving hearts are just amazing. Who said the world was so bad...from what I see, it's really good. I see generosity, community, and love.

A note about the calendars: I'm trying to not get too excited that a proof is due to arrive to me on Tuesday. There has been a huge learning curve with these calendars. Now I know what and how to do, so next time hopefully not so delayed. If the proof is acceptable they will finally begin printing this week...100 calendars, woohoo! If this happens they will be finished the following and mailed to me. Promise I'll let you guys know as soon as they're ready...hoping this proof knocks my socks off, so I can wrap this up completely. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks to those who made it out on such short notice! Oh, and thanks to O'Malley's mom, Meredith, for being the stand in photographer, I think she did great! Happy Mother's day everyone!

Photo: Front:Kate Findley, Rowan Ogg, Wren Davis, O'Malley Bannister, Joshua Solorio. Back: Tiffiney Addis, Lisa Kiser, Allie Findley, Heather Findley, Marly Ellenburg, Lane O'Dell, Christy Whitfield, Brylee Whitfield.

You Are Invited | May 7th, 6:30 | The Artists' Loft

I'm SO happy to be able to present a check to the Foothills Pregnancy Care Center this week, from our Angels Among Us Charity Event. I would LOVE for all participants to be present for a picture in the gallery. Please join us, if you're available, it will only take a few minutes.

Date: May 7th, 2010

Time: 6:30

Place: The Artists' Loft

Also if you've bought your gallery print you are welcomed to pick it up at that time, I will be begin to take the gallery down after the presentation. Last call, if you would like to purchase your print, you can still do so, please contact me at Your gallery print would make a great mother's day gift!