Scott & Julie | Greenville SC Wedding Photography

Augusta Manor, Greenville South Carolina. Julie and Scott exchanged rings on a cozy December day.

From what I gathered in vows and toasts, this relationship, a bit unexpected.

Kinda like me and my hubs. A long time family friend, "marry him, yeah right!"

Then one day you come to your senses.

Realize love and devotion is right in front of your face.

You mature, then "give in," using the term endearingly, to the best days of your life.

Congrats Julie on finding Superman!

Thanks friends for letting me share in your joy and for being so patient over the holidays.

Happy New Year as husband and wife!


Photographic Assistant:  Susan Brewer

Greenville SC Bridal Portraits


Lovely Julie at Augusta Manor in Greenville. I love the big empty rooms and large doors, wood floors. So grand. Perfect setting for a bride, alone. Bridal portrait perfection. We had a blast at her wedding this past weekend. Look over at our Facebook page for the Superhero shot!

Congrats Julie and Scott! I'll be blogging your wedding loveliness soon...julie