Personal Update: My kiddos


  img_8788I have not even posted a blog about my kiddos. Mercy, things here have obviously taken a back seat.

Here are my little nuggets. He is our surprise baby. I like to call him my "simmer" baby... as I'm convinced it was our essential oil blend Simmer (hormonal blend) that even made him possible.

img_8818So now I've known it.

What infertility is like, before having Sadie and being diagnosed with PCOS.

What the NICU is like, having Sadie at 25 weeks and spending 3 months in the hospital.

img_8784img_8804Now, what a surprise miracle baby is like... you know, that baby you could 'never have on your own'...

Thankfully I had an incredible doctor that monitored me very closely. It was a great pregnancy other than the normal, nausea... aches and pains... severe leg cramps... sleepless nights... swelling...

It was beautiful being able to bring him home right away, and to experience all the things I didn't recognize I missed with Sadie Mae.

She is the best most caring big sister ever, such a huge help. I was once worried about such the age difference, but now I'm relieved. How you people do it with lots of little littles at the same time is beyond me.

Here's an image of them this summer on the gulf coast at Panama City... and a few of my maternity taken by my sister-in-law, Julie Smith.img_9234 fg9a4881fg9a4891 fg9a5226 fg9a5228


Birth Photography South Carolina


I find it hard to put this all into words...but here's my attempt. Last week, I'd wake each morning rushing to my cell to see if I missed a message.

Each time a sweet sigh of relief. There would be none.

Throughout the day, with every "ding," I'd dart for the phone.

A home birth.

Be still my heart.

I had no idea how emotional this moment would be for me.

Granted, I've seen my share of births. Each very special in its on way.

But this, my Lord.

Sweet Jesus.

Again, having difficulty putting it in words....

I've shared with Jenni that I think her baby's birth was God's little present to me.

After all, this was the direction my husband and I were taking for our baby's birth when my little girl decided to arrive at just 25 weeks.

I see so many similarities in mine and Jenni and her husband's relationship.

Brandon, doing whatever it takes.

That rock in difficult times.

The cheerleader and shoulder to cry on.

Jenni deep with determination.

Steady in her will. there's a lump in my throat. Eeep. Holding back tears as I type.

It happened.

Their second boy was here.

I was crying so that I had no idea if the camera was focused or not.

Good gracious I was even shaking. Which has NEVER happened.

Possibly it was the adrenaline that released from days of building.

Sweet Isaac.

Safe and sound.

In the MOST beautiful birth I have ever seen in my life.

To be able to photograph the literal birth (not allowed in hospitals) was so amazing...the actual images a bit too private to show...but absolutely beautiful.

Side note: Hospital births get ice chips. Home births get M&Ms. ...just fyi

The photographs.


Just want to share with you Jenni's thoughts (hopefully she won't mind) about having a photographer at the birth of a child. For all of you Mommies that might be second guessing it...

"Absolutely amazing! I never even knew you were even taking pictures. I kept asking Brandon when we were looking at them "where was she, how did she get that shot?". Love how Sammi was patiently sitting near by keeping a watch. The actual birth oh my to actually get to see what I experienced is a gift I will always treasure. They are some of the most beautiful moments captured in our familys life......I was a little afraid of how such an intimate moment could be captured in pictures but God gave you an amazing ability to capture these moments. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -Jenni

IMG_2735wSo today, we got together again for some sweet, a little more formal, newborn shots with the entire family.

What a joy and sweet little pumpkin... IMG_2869w

Birth Photography

It started like any "normal" delivery....whatever "normal" may be. The wait.

The long wait.

My favorite part of the wait.

Dad, journaling.

Then the pushing.


Finally....a c-section.Then, I fell in love with those lips.

The most perfect, beautiful little boy ever....who belongs to some of the most deserving parents ever.

The wait, long wait, is over.

God is faithful.

Birth Photography

By far one of my favorite things to photograph. I would do this and only this if it would pay my bills....and wasn't so unpredictable!

I missed the actual birth of sweet Mattie, but they held out for some important moments until I got there.

Sooooo in love with this.

I think I really value this type of photography because of what we went through with Sadie Mae's birth.

We didn't get these moments.

She was bagged, then hooked up to lots of machines.

It was weeks before she got her first "bath."

Maybe that's what makes these moments so special for me...maybe even almost as special as it is for the parents...

My birth photography includes a disk of images, and there are special discounts for baby club members!

AND shall I say, it is so important that any photographer you have for this sort of situation understands lighting, how to work a camera on manual, use available light at times, and has the equipment to manage low light conditions. It's not rocket science by any means...but all birth photography is not created equal.

The photographer should also be considerate of hospital policies, nurse other words, stay out of the way.....AND disguise private things when able, although not always necessary.

I can provide references for my work if you're thinking of hiring me for your special delivery! You won't regret it.