Chattooga Belle Farm Wedding

"Everything happens for a reason." In loss love can be found, again.

The memories of this day shared with all those difficult days before, makes this story that much sweeter.

Nothing more beautiful than the support system of military families, how they rally for one another, support one another... this wedding was witness of that...

Congrats Mike and Jana! 000000000001002003004005006007008009010011012013014015016017018019020021022023024025026027028029030031032033034035036037038039040000

"I've had a ton of people tell me that you did a amazing job! Thank you for capturing our perfect day! We are so glad that we choose you to be our photographer!"

-Bride, Jana


Photography Assistant: Julie Smith

Venue: Chattooga Belle Farm

South Carolina Wedding Photographer

There are no words to describe how cold we all were, but the show must go on. Good thing about frigid temps on the mountain top, the mountains turn an incredible blue, and the sky, well, majestic.

Luckily this is only the second time I've been shooting at Chattooga Belle with wind so cold it cut like a knife and hopefully it was my last...but I'm doubtful.

Cory and Kati, faithful, kind, and gentle. Those are the words that come to mind with these two. Congrats middle school sweethearts!

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Chattooga Belle Farm Fall Wedding

Get ready... it's about to be a wedding post marathon here on the blog! First up Brittany and Harris at Chattooga Belle farm this fall.

Brittany... you know... that bride with the constant smile on her face. Yea, her. She's so easy to photograph!

Precious these two!


Assistant Photographer: Julie Smith

Chattooga Belle Farm Bridal Portraits

Kati had a beautiful afternoon for bridal portraits. Mild temps. Lovely sunset.

It's really hard to take a bad picture at this place. Like seriously. I'd question your photography skills if you did.

What a beauty - in such a sparkly ball gown... her wedding blogged in the next couple of weeks! IMG_1509IMG_1522Her choice for her bridal portrait below, stunning!IMG_1592IMG_1671IMG_1736