Essential Oils Product Photography


So, I've been doing a little product photography for my Essential Oils group, Aroma Droppers. We are all Independent Consultants with Simply Aroma. LOVE this company and essential oils… their commitment to oil purity and their business model. That being said, they sent me some oils to do a little photography with - they happen to really dig my vintage studio - so I had some fun! Here's a few of the pieces I created for my team. Feel free to tag these lovely images and use the recipes for yourself! Share the love of essential oils! They've been a lifesaver for my family this winter. No strep throat. No Pneumonia. No flu. Only pink eye. I can deal with that.

If you'd like to check out the oils come to my demo at the studio next Saturday, March 29th. This demo is on beauty and skin care. I've not bought one moisturizer or facial cleanser in months and my skin feels amazing! Just email me if you plan to come, so I can have enough seating. We have 30 ladies coming already!!!! Join our Facebook oil group Aroma Droppers if you want to know more about essential oils!  RSVP to our event online too!


Happy Snow Days and Valentine's Day!


Wow what a week in the "snowy, everything's shut down" South! I love this place.

So it's Valentine's Day. I curled her hair and put a pretty red bow in it. She thinks she's something.

4 Years ago today we found out we were pregnant. She is definitely the love of our life.

Today, she's with me working.

We cook together often so of course when she heard me in the studio kitchen she came running.

Together we made a Luxury scrub with PINK Himalayan salt, which she thinks is the coolest thing since Rapunzel. Ok. Not really. But she likes it lots.


These are small 4 oz jars available with ANY gift certificate purchase in the studio today, Valentine's Day, from 1-4 or anytime next week!


The lady of the house will LOVE this. It will make her hands uber soft.

These are also listed on my Etsy site for those that aren't local. 

If you're not keeping up with us on Facebook please do so! You're missing the following events happening at the studio...

Art with Annie on Wednesdays - Our first class we had over 30 children! This is a free community event!

Tuesday night Yoga with Tara ($10) - I'll be blogging this goodness after our next class, when I can capture some images. Starts at 7pm sharp, you are welcomed to just show up!

Happy love day!

BONUS: Make a Luminary (cure that snow cabin fever)

Made these with Sadie Mae and my little brother over the snow days…. fill balloon with water, dip in hot wax (about 180degrees, I used white beeswax pellets), repeat repeat. Sit on wax paper to create level base. Wait then repeat dipping to make strong solid sides. Cool then pop balloon. Use hot pan or griddle to level off top of luminary - by turning on it's top onto hot surface. Insert votive. Wahlah! Love love love

Essential Oils

Lola Granola, Tree Hugger Call me what you may.

Seriously, a Prius fell in my lap, several months ago. Had no idea what the car hardly was, until I went with the hubs to trade his truck and ended up trading my Honda!

Good things happen to good people.

Love that car.

It was used, but barely, and a fabulous price.

Moving on a few months and I'm now crazy for essential oils!

Maybe it comes with the territory - Prius/Essential Oils - an overall mind of conscious living.

I've ALWAYS hated medicine though. Seriously I hardly ever even take a tylenol. Ask my mom, I've always been that way.

So, when I found oils it just fit like a glove.

Essential oils are all natural -- used since antiquity, seriously ancient.

Why in the world we've come so far from them, I have no clue.

My most favorite use at the moment -- Apricot Kernel oil with a drop or two of Frankincense and Lavender…after my raw honey and castle soap face wash of course!

Since having Sadie Mae my face has been all sorts of crazy. I also tried Bare Minerals at about that time and I swear it gave me some sort of acne on my cheeks.

Anyhoo - finally, finally, finally.

I've found a natural alternative that works miracles for me! BONUS-I can pronounce all the ingredients. Yes.

So, this brings me to Simply Aroma. LOVE this company! They've just launched and I am so extremely privileged to be a Presidential Founding Candidate, meaning I'm one of the FIRST consultants on board. Crazy, crazy. I knew somebody, who knew somebody, who knew somebody, and got the special invitation.

Good things happen to good people.

Last week I had a make and take launch party at the office and thought I'd share a few pics that I took before things got crazy. Body scrubs and bath salts were on the menu!

IMG_1665IMG_1667IMG_1669IMG_1672IMG_1673IMG_1674IMG_1675IMG_1676IMG_1677Want to know more about oils and their many many uses? Check out my pinterest board here:

Want to buy oils to try? Go here: OR if you want them ALL the deluxe kit is on sale through Friday for $189 (in celebration of company launch), includes all 13 oils and diffuser! Crazy good deal!

Want to host a show? Email me! info at

Get off social media and REALLY get together with your Facebook friends for some fun and relaxation, host a party!

I'll also be keeping a light stock of oils in the studio, AND you can find me and my team with possibly some homemade goodies at local craft fairs. I'm sure you'll see posts of the sort at some point.

  • Valentines Day Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub: 2C White Sugar, 2/3C Sunflower Oil, several drops of lemon essential oil - small drop of pink food coloring if you wish
  • Cold and Flu Relief Bath Salt: 1 1/2C of Coarse Sea Salt, 3/4C of Epsom Salt, 1/4C of Baking Soda, several drops of eucalyptus essential oil (you could also add lemon) - small drop of blue food coloring if you wish

Summer Storytime Classes

We're almost finished with our summer storytime! Hopefully this will be an annual tradition. Anytime I mention going to read books at the studio, Sadie goes nuts with excitement. She was literally running out of the house this morning, a stark difference to her slow mosey out the door. At the end of class, she wanted to be a big girl and read the book like the teacher. She's so funny, I love her little pretend mind lately and role playing. If I could just pause this age for just a bit longer. sigh. So we've covered some great books; The Napping House, Little Blue Truck, and Whoever You Are.

For The Napping House we explored music and making rain with our homemade rainsticks. We also played with a felt board and sequenced the story back after the reading.

For The Little Blue Truck we explored our senses by reaching in the rice bowl to find the animal characters and playing with our toy cars around the figure eight dirt track...exploring "crossing the mid-line" - google it. :) This book's storyline is soooo sweet. It's about helping each other. One of my favs for sure.

Annie read Whoever You Are by Mem Fox today. A beautiful book about celebrating the world, all people, and our similarities.

Can I just say, Annie turned me on to Mem's books and I have so fallen in love. I had bought her book Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes for Sadie a few weeks ago and it has quickly become one of her favorites. Click here to read how this sweet book came about, I sooooo identify with this paragraph that she wrote, "Good ideas are as rare as a fat person in a famine. And they come from hearts, not heads. Bad ideas tend to come from people’s brains. They appear frequently and buzz about like mosquitoes, refusing to disappear. My best ideas have always come from my heart, never from my brain, but they usually arrive by an indirect route." You can hear her sing this book too, which I may work on for our next class...maybe.

Being involved heavily in cross-cultural work before I settled and started the studio I see the VALUE in EVERY.SINGLE.THING she writes about how we should celebrate our similarities and not so much our differences. We've got to be this example to our children.

So, one more storytime left at the end of the month...this means summer is passing by too. Boo!


Summer Classes Sign Up!

As a mother myself, I'm not going to lie...I'm envious. Envious of big cities, where they have an abundance of  creative learning opportunities for young children.

Let me be clear (insert Obama's tone - bahaha!), that's the ONLY thing I envy about a big city!

After a minute thinking I said, "What the heck!" almost out loud.

If I'm desiring something for my town, instead of complaining that it's not here, I'll just do it.

There is no shortage of resources that's for sure. I have some amazing creative friends.

Speaking of...Mrs. Annie Burgess my sweet friend from high school. She has a Master's Degree in Integrated Teaching through the Arts, with an Undergrad in Elementary Education. Currently she is pursuing her certification in Montessori teaching. A real gem I tell ya, and a wealth of knowledge about teaching children. She has 3 children of her own and another on the way.

She has kindly agreed to help organize 4 fun "Morning with your Baby" sessions for the studio. Details below.

Our goal: To provide an enriching, fun, and relaxed environment for your baby. Appealing to all senses through classic literature combined with hands-on activities. Our aim is to be the very BEST "Morning with your Baby" in the upstate.

  • Who: Parent & Baby/Toddler (must be 1-3 years) - class size limited to 8 children 5 spots left!
  • Dates: June 12 & 26, July 10 & 24
  • Time: 10:30am
  • Cost: $30 per child includes all 4 sessions, materials provided. Book your spot at
  • Place: Tiffiney Photography Studio, 113 Retreat St, Westminster SC 29693

June 12th session details: The Napping House by Audrey Wood. Tactile story-time and musical craft that coincides.

Other session to be announced. You won't be disappointed as we explore more children's literature and art with All our senses.

**space is limited: 8 spots, 5 spots, 3 spots left! You may call the Monday before each class for last minute openings. $10 per class/child.