Chattooga Belle Farm | Fall Farm To Table Dinner

Words do no justice to describe great events. Sometimes only pictures do justice...and even still, the experience was much better.  A pleasure to photograph for/on the farm, always! Great food, great company. Perfect way to end my weekend!Oh, and there was a lady who introduced herself to me as a blog reader....forgot to tell you to email me your address and I'll send you a gift certificate for $25! If you're a client/reader and you were there, and I'm aware, expect one in the mail!

Designer Showcase House | Seneca Women's Club

I photographed something a little out of the norm this week, and thought I'd share as well as boost some advertising for these lovely ladies. It's the Designer Showcase House located in downtown Seneca, hosted by the Seneca Women's Club. Several area designers have come together to make one amazing house. I've already volunteered my house for next year's showcase, haha! The house opens this weekend, go check it out! This is a small preview, there's much more to see.

I'm not going to attempt to list the designers involved, because I don't have a master list yet....if you're a designer or artist and happen upon this page you're welcomed to link your design website in the comments please!