Rescued By Love 2013 Results

Rescued By Love 2013 raised a total of $12,805 for the Bryan NICU of Childrens GHS! You guys seriously deserve a dinner date, I wish I could afford a steak dinner for you all. I do have a customer appreciation day in the works for the summer at our local park for your sweet kiddos. Keep coming here for the announcement, in late spring/early summer. The customer appreciation day will celebrate our community and your giving hearts...all that you guys have done for Rescued By Love. With that said, I feel like I should mention that this was the last year of our Rescued by Love fundraiser. I feel my heart moving on, and our customer appreciation day will conclude all that we've accomplished as a community, friends and family. I appreciate you all SO much and am literally in tears as my heart urges me to move to other projects.

Now for the announcement of our Calendar kids...before I get too sappy.

First place and Calendar Cover Kid #20-Davis

Second place #22-Rettew

Third place #29-Williams

All of these leaders raised over $1000, some close to $2000, incredible!

Our other calendar kids who each raised over $450, some over $1000, include in this order...










The calendars are going to be spectacular with all these cute kiddos! Calendars are sold at cost, by preorder only. $10 each. If you are interested in a calendar purchase, email me the quantity you would like and I'll send you a payment link.  Orders must be received by April 15th, so we can have calendars printed and ready for distribution in May. AS A THANK YOU FOR OUR FINAL YEAR OF RESCUED BY LOVE, THUMBNAILS OF ALL CHILDREN WHO PARTICIPATED WILL BE FEATURED ON THE BACK OF THE CALENDAR.

So, here's to over $12,000 to help the NICU with their breastfeeding initiative! The amount of children and families you will help is the ultimate reward. God bless you.

Rescued By Love 2013

“Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King Jr

My Mission: I began a personal mission of giving back in 2010 after an incredible time of need for our family in 2009. Our first child, a sweet girl, changed our lives that year with her arrival at 25 weeks. Click here to read our birth story, and check out my passion for the project in the videos below!

Click here to see our winner post on our blog.
Our winners for Rescued By Love 2013 are...

  • 1st place: #20 Davis
  • 2nd place #22 Rettew
  • 3rd place #29 Williams
  • 4th place #24 A. Roach
  • 5th place #25/26 Henry
  • 6th place #1 M. Roach
  • 7th place #10 Keith
  • 8th place #2 Jolly
  • 9th place #18 Hicks
  • 10th place #15 Steele
  • 11th place #8 Miller
  • 12th place #12 Poore

We raised $12,805 for the Bryan NICU at Children's GHS, in 2013!

Rescued By Love 2013 Goal: $20,000 as we highlight the NICU’s "breast milk for all NICU babies" initiative, raising funds to purchase the following breast pump supplies! Maybe you’d like to provide one of the following in honor of your family, business, or child?

The Fundraising Process: It's simple. Vote for your favorite image, posted on this page March 6th-15th. $1 = 1 vote! The 12 images that get the most votes are printed in our 2013 Rescued By Love calendar!

1st place winner:

  • Cover spot on the 2014 calendar, and a month spot.
  • $300 gift certificate to Tiffiney Photography
  • Goody backpack from Christi's You Name It, filled with Children's Museum tickets, Zoo tickets, and other goodies
  • Gift Certificate to Lora at Tangles
  • An archival disk of your RBL 2013 Images for printing
  • 5 calendar copies

2nd place winner:

  • A month spot in the calendar
  • $150 gift certificate to Tiffiney Photography
  • Goody backpack from Christi's You Name It, Zoo tickets and other goodies
  • Gift Certificate to Lora at Tangles
  • An archival disk of your RBL 2013 Images for printing
  • 3 calendar copies

3rd place winner:

  • A month spot in the caledar
  • $150 gift certificate to Tiffiney Photography
  • Goody backpack from Christi's You Name It, Zoo tickets and other goodies
  • Gift Certificate to Lora at Tangles
  • An archival disk of your RBL 2013 Images for printing
  • 3 calendar copies

The remaining 9 calendar spots will go to next top fundraisers. Each calendar kid will receive a $50 gift certificate to Tiffiney Photography, a 4x6 printable disk of RBL 2013 images, and one calendar copy!

How to Vote/Give: All donations are tax deductible with receipts from GHS. We are not responsible for the allocation of donations towards contestants if contestant number is not included with gift.
    • FINDING THE CONTESTANT NUMBER: Click the thumbnail image to make the image big. Look in the lower left corner for the text that says, for example "Image 31 of 34" This would mean that image is contestant number 31. For siblings if one child wins, the other wins, all on the same calendar page.
    • ONLINE: Any gift given via the online form below will go straight to the NICU and towards our $20,000 goal! If you don't want to vote for a particular image, you can use the number 0. Deadline for donations to count towards contestant is March 15th at midnight!
    • CHECKS: You may also mail a check. Checks should be made to Greenville Hospital System and postmarked by March 14th to:
      • GHS Office of Philanthropy & Partnership, c/o Lakeisha Boston, 300 E. McBee Ave., Suite 200, Greenville, SC 29601, please include “RBL" and photo number in the memo line.
    • DROP OFF: You may also drop cash and check donations by our studio, Monday, Wednesday or Friday, 9-4 at 113 Retreat Street, Westminster SC 29693. Deadline for drop off  is March 15th at 4pm.

[iframe 785 585] Greenville Hospital System and Greenville Hospital System Giving

Kudos -

  • "...I just had to email you and tell you how blown away I was by all the portraits you did for the new Wall of Hope!  Jenn shared the link with me so I was able to see all of your hard work.  How incredibly beautiful everything turned out!  You should be so proud!!!!  To have done all of these portraits, the contest portraits and the fundraiser all at the same time…what an accomplishment!  You are an amazing person and we are truly thankful for everything you have done for the Bryan NICU and ultimately the little babies that have to be in there. By the way…I am not surprised you surpassed your goal of $10,000 and by so much!  You do great work and obviously have a wonderful client base who supports you and the great things you do.  Congratulations on a job very well done!!!!"    Dania - Annual Giving Manager
  • "What a BEAUTIFUL and touching unveiling Wall of Hope!! Thank You for letting us be a part of this and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture you chose!!!!!!! :) ...You gave a very touching and moving speech. God is so Good-and it's amazing when God places a seed in your heart-he has touched hundreds of lives through your obedience. God bless you Tiffiney!!"   Ellen - Luke's Mommy
  • "I have been following your blog/photography for a while. I have also been following Sadie's story.....Also thank you for starting the rescued by love. You never know how much is involved in the NICU until you are NICU parents" -Mom of a 29-weeker, as of Feb 21st


News and Teddy Bears...

BREAKING Rescued by Love News: One of our favorite local monogram/gift shops, You Name It, is donating a $10 gift certificate to all Rescued By Love Portrait participants! You'll get your certificate at your session...AND if you spend more than $10 she will donate 10% to the NICU! Yeah! Also, my sweet hairdresser is offering the same, a $10 gift certificate to Lora Gillette at Tangles in Clemson. She's fabulous, you'll love her cuts!

You can find information on how to book your appointment at Eight more likes on our Facebook page and we will give away a free session!

Now, just because this post deserves a photo, AND this sweetness should be shared!

Photo Christmas Card | Contest

I know, I know. It seems a little early to be thinking about Christmas cards. That's the joy of a business like mine, always several months ahead. I've been working on designing a set of custom Christmas cards to offer this year and need some help! Here's what I have....

Be Merry -- not ______ (fill in the blank)

Spread Cheer -- not _______ (fill in the blank)

Give Love -- not _______ (fill in the blank)

So here's the deal....I know some of you that read this blog are VERY witty and great writers. Comment with your thoughts for the text above and if I pick yours for the final design, you'll get 50 photo Christmas cards free! Here's the design so far, which is in the very beginning stages, I might add....... Good Luck!

...Oh, and congrats to Lisa Stone our facebook contest winner for the photo jewelry this week!

Thank You & Your Invite

Thanks all for giving. Voting is closed, but giving is never closed. The form will remain up for those who still wish to give. It will count towards our grand total if you give by Friday, but will NOT count towards a photo vote. The votes have already been tallied! Btw, we are A LITTLE UNDER $2000 shy of $10,000! I'm amazed at your giving hearts. Thanks so much! PLEASE EVERYONE is welcomed to the reception on Sat at 6pm. We will announce the winners at 6:30 and we have a couple VERY special activities for the children to participate in. We will also have a few fun door prizes.

If you raised over $100 remember you get a gift certificate...I'll be handing out over 20 certificates. Make sure you come to pick yours up! Oh, and we have a special surprise for the kiddos at the end, at 7pm.

We look forward to seeing you here! Until then...we will be up to our ears in Modge Podge, crafting decor. hahaha!

Cheers!photo by