Beach Portraits at Cherry Grove, S.C.

I'm back! We had a fabulous time at the beach last week…considering. 2 with Strep, 1 with a kidney infection. 3 hours at urgent care. A late night ride to the hospital, in an ambulance, in order to get through the firework traffic. All of which occurred on the 4th of July, my daughter's birthday. Serious.

Those of you who have followed the blog for any length of time know that I'm quite particular about Sadie Mae's birthday parties. Well…this time. I had to let go. I physically could not function. I was one of the two with strep. Sitting in the kitchen on a chair in order to get the cupcakes in the oven because I just felt too bad to stand.

It definitely felt like a "body crash."  Body Crash: "a common occurrence in business owners. The phenomenon of a sudden physical attack on the body, after months of work, occurring at the sign of relaxation, i.e. vacation."

So, my poor mom and sister-in-law who joined us at the beach for relaxation, suddenly found themselves slaves to my "we gotta do it this way" birthday prep commands.

It's all a bit of a blur. I felt better eventually, the day we left to be exact. Perfect, because there was lots of cleaning to do! No way was I going to leave a friend's place with any trace of strep in the house!

There's more to the story…but I digress, and cut to a few of my favorite pics.

Big thanks to my sis-in-law, and in case you didn't know, my regular wedding assistant, who took our family portraits! Can't believe I felt up to it.

Party pics first....a mermaid/pearls affair.  Starfish wands. Mermaid tail and pearl cupcakes.Sharing a party with her bff, her cousin. She's a lucky gal to always have such amazing fireworks on her birthday! A few of my favorite playing at the beach. A couple more "portrait" pics that I adore!

Birthday Party Photography | Anderson Photographer

Kindred spirits. Me and Sarah. We love bullet lists, heck I even color code lists at times.

We adore vintage, especially milk glass.

We love, what some might consider, i.e. our husbands, over the top parties.

Simple fact is our love is in the details.

From the southern inspired buffet that offered krispie kreme doughnuts, chicken salad, and the thoughtful wishes hung on the tree.

This party was pure girly sweetness, surrounded by a white picket fence.  Seriously can it get much more perfect?

My favorite part, the turquoise cake and high chair! Whaaaa?

Probably our husbands are similar in the sense that they're pretty good at rolling with it. As I mentioned to Bobby,  it doesn't get better from here, just keep rolling my friend....

Got a party coming up? We have a great deal for baby club clients...for both birth AND birthday party photography. We really love capturing those once in a lifetime moments, its our favorite way to shoot, photojournalistically. You work so hard in the delivery room AND for the first birthday...let us capture it! You won't regret it.

Chattooga River Festival | Long Creek, SC

I had the pleasure of helping out on the farm this past weekend. Not shooting but lending a hand for other things. For a moment I thought I might have to waitress but quickly swindled myself out of that one. Would much rather clean off tables. Little known fact about me: I've never been a waitress, and hope to never. I did grab my camera up before things got crazy and took these few.

Here's a link to what CNN had to say about the festival - the movie Deliverance - our area....well, Rabun County. My opinion they should have featured Oconee County. Ha! Not joking, really.

Btw, I shook Ronny Cox's hand.... just so you know.

They're blocking off our street!!!!

Yes, they're blocking it for all of us on Retreat Street to have open house/business after hours, today. It starts at 5:30 and ends at 7, come join us....the door is open! They'll be a raffle for a gift certificate, I will draw at the end, but no need to be present. Special thanks to Lindsay Stovall for the awesome open sign!I'm almost ready for Santa too!!!! Portraits are Saturday. Can't wait. If you're not signed up, you might regret it. :)...and of course a little bit of Sadie Mae to wrap things up....