Studio News | 2014


I always look forward to the new year. It's a time to rehash the business of the past and organize the business ahead.

As always, I'm constantly adjusting my products and pricing to meet customer needs.

Thinking of 2013, the one thing that really took off in the studio was framing.

My framer, love them!

You know. That long LOST art of customer service…

they've found it and as far as I'm concerned pretty much own it.

They make me look good.

So for 2014, I've made framing available ONLINE, not just in the studio!

Here's a screen capture of the shopping cart...



If there's one thing I hear from clients it's -- "I just want to pick it up ready to go on the wall, otherwise I'll never get to it (framing)."

I've also heard, "yep, my pictures are still in the bag/packaging."

Get my drift?

You - guiding my business - it works awesome that way.

I've also decided to add an additional perk for 2014 baby club clients - 15% off all prints/products purchased from club sessions. I'm extending this discount to all 2013 club clients as well, for each remaining 2014 club session.

About wedding bookings for the studio, I can probably only feasibly do 5 more weddings for 2014. If you're thinking about our services, please call us soon!

Along with those few tweaks in products/pricing/offerings, I've got some really exciting news about programs available for the community via my studio. I'm about to bust to tell it all, but there's several details to still be worked out…so I'm keeping a zipped lip.

Lastly, as you may have read on a previous post, I now offer essential oils in the studio. I hope to have another oil party in the studio soon! Essential oils are great for ANYONE and have really been such a blessing for my family and our health this winter. If you are interested in oils and how to purchase or just need more information you can start at my pinterest board, message me, or stop by the studio. If you already use oils and want a place to purchase quality oils go straight here, 

Happy 2014!

Are your goals written down yet? Do it now!

Shout out to my friend and fabulous photographer Susan Brewer of Susan Brewer Photography. She's my silent business partner in the way that we both talk about business, our dreams, our fears, what's working, what's not. It's so awesome to have a friend who gets "it." Who helps me to be a better business person, photographer and friend. Her and I take little work retreats to her family's cabin in Asheville. Grateful for her and the opportunity to hash things out together!

Rescued By Love 2013

“Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King Jr

My Mission: I began a personal mission of giving back in 2010 after an incredible time of need for our family in 2009. Our first child, a sweet girl, changed our lives that year with her arrival at 25 weeks. Click here to read our birth story, and check out my passion for the project in the videos below!

Click here to see our winner post on our blog.
Our winners for Rescued By Love 2013 are...

  • 1st place: #20 Davis
  • 2nd place #22 Rettew
  • 3rd place #29 Williams
  • 4th place #24 A. Roach
  • 5th place #25/26 Henry
  • 6th place #1 M. Roach
  • 7th place #10 Keith
  • 8th place #2 Jolly
  • 9th place #18 Hicks
  • 10th place #15 Steele
  • 11th place #8 Miller
  • 12th place #12 Poore

We raised $12,805 for the Bryan NICU at Children's GHS, in 2013!

Rescued By Love 2013 Goal: $20,000 as we highlight the NICU’s "breast milk for all NICU babies" initiative, raising funds to purchase the following breast pump supplies! Maybe you’d like to provide one of the following in honor of your family, business, or child?

The Fundraising Process: It's simple. Vote for your favorite image, posted on this page March 6th-15th. $1 = 1 vote! The 12 images that get the most votes are printed in our 2013 Rescued By Love calendar!

1st place winner:

  • Cover spot on the 2014 calendar, and a month spot.
  • $300 gift certificate to Tiffiney Photography
  • Goody backpack from Christi's You Name It, filled with Children's Museum tickets, Zoo tickets, and other goodies
  • Gift Certificate to Lora at Tangles
  • An archival disk of your RBL 2013 Images for printing
  • 5 calendar copies

2nd place winner:

  • A month spot in the calendar
  • $150 gift certificate to Tiffiney Photography
  • Goody backpack from Christi's You Name It, Zoo tickets and other goodies
  • Gift Certificate to Lora at Tangles
  • An archival disk of your RBL 2013 Images for printing
  • 3 calendar copies

3rd place winner:

  • A month spot in the caledar
  • $150 gift certificate to Tiffiney Photography
  • Goody backpack from Christi's You Name It, Zoo tickets and other goodies
  • Gift Certificate to Lora at Tangles
  • An archival disk of your RBL 2013 Images for printing
  • 3 calendar copies

The remaining 9 calendar spots will go to next top fundraisers. Each calendar kid will receive a $50 gift certificate to Tiffiney Photography, a 4x6 printable disk of RBL 2013 images, and one calendar copy!

How to Vote/Give: All donations are tax deductible with receipts from GHS. We are not responsible for the allocation of donations towards contestants if contestant number is not included with gift.
    • FINDING THE CONTESTANT NUMBER: Click the thumbnail image to make the image big. Look in the lower left corner for the text that says, for example "Image 31 of 34" This would mean that image is contestant number 31. For siblings if one child wins, the other wins, all on the same calendar page.
    • ONLINE: Any gift given via the online form below will go straight to the NICU and towards our $20,000 goal! If you don't want to vote for a particular image, you can use the number 0. Deadline for donations to count towards contestant is March 15th at midnight!
    • CHECKS: You may also mail a check. Checks should be made to Greenville Hospital System and postmarked by March 14th to:
      • GHS Office of Philanthropy & Partnership, c/o Lakeisha Boston, 300 E. McBee Ave., Suite 200, Greenville, SC 29601, please include “RBL" and photo number in the memo line.
    • DROP OFF: You may also drop cash and check donations by our studio, Monday, Wednesday or Friday, 9-4 at 113 Retreat Street, Westminster SC 29693. Deadline for drop off  is March 15th at 4pm.

[iframe 785 585] Greenville Hospital System and Greenville Hospital System Giving

Kudos -

  • "...I just had to email you and tell you how blown away I was by all the portraits you did for the new Wall of Hope!  Jenn shared the link with me so I was able to see all of your hard work.  How incredibly beautiful everything turned out!  You should be so proud!!!!  To have done all of these portraits, the contest portraits and the fundraiser all at the same time…what an accomplishment!  You are an amazing person and we are truly thankful for everything you have done for the Bryan NICU and ultimately the little babies that have to be in there. By the way…I am not surprised you surpassed your goal of $10,000 and by so much!  You do great work and obviously have a wonderful client base who supports you and the great things you do.  Congratulations on a job very well done!!!!"    Dania - Annual Giving Manager
  • "What a BEAUTIFUL and touching unveiling Wall of Hope!! Thank You for letting us be a part of this and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture you chose!!!!!!! :) ...You gave a very touching and moving speech. God is so Good-and it's amazing when God places a seed in your heart-he has touched hundreds of lives through your obedience. God bless you Tiffiney!!"   Ellen - Luke's Mommy
  • "I have been following your blog/photography for a while. I have also been following Sadie's story.....Also thank you for starting the rescued by love. You never know how much is involved in the NICU until you are NICU parents" -Mom of a 29-weeker, as of Feb 21st


Preemies and Breastmilk

You don't even have to be a mother to know the importance of breast milk for babies. In my humble opinion breast milk for preemies, even more important! As a NICU mom who pumped and stored lots of milk for Sadie Mae, the value of the the pumping supplies that were available to me can't even be numbered!

That's why I'm so excited about our fundraising this year, and our goal to raise $20,000 to help purchase pumping supplies for the Bryan NICU at GHS. Doing a little research on the pumping supplies available for the NICU I found an interesting article on the Medela website. Thought you might be interested...

Now, I definitely don't claim to be an expert on any of this....just a mom. BUT this is GREAT! For some of my friends in the NICU it was a real challenge to get breast milk...

"This is groundbreaking technology for milk extraction from mother's who have had babies, preterm.The Preemie+ Initiation Card takes on this challenge. Based on research, the Initiation Card assists in initiating and maintaining lactation in breastpump-dependent mothers. The Symphony Breastpump is the first and only breastpump to simulate the sucking rhythm of a full-term infant during both the initiation and maintenance phase of lactation." -Medela Website

You know there are lots of issues NICU parents face. If just this one thing, the best nutrition for their baby, was less stressful it could seriously make all the difference.

Thank you Bryan NICU of GHS for taking on the challenge to initiate the best nutrition for NICU babies, we are behind you 100%.

IF you love this cause you can give NOW at and put your gift towards your favorite photo, or give right on this page...use contestant number 0.

Maybe you'd like to give to buy one of the following, in honor of your baby? Lot's of parents and babies for years to come will be appreciative!

  • Medela Symphony Breastpump $925
  • Medela Symphony Trolley $293

[iframe 785 585] Greenville Hospital System and Greenville Hospital System Giving

Wall of Hope Ceremony

Since 2010, I waited for this moment. Something so far out of reach, a reality in just 2 years.

Emotional to say the least.

Hopefully, as in the words of my sweet friend Bridgett, my emotions gave permission for the families to express their emotions.

What a blessing to see, each family touched so deeply.

I hope it was as special for them as it was for me.

I hope it's a memory they will always carry.

A celebration they can always reference.

That moment that might somehow replace all the things they might have "missed" as a preemie parent.

Thank you for celebrating with us, all of you. Rescued by Love participants and Wall of Hope families and friends.

Here's a sweet video GHS Giving posted on their blog today. Click here to go read the story too, it's great!

I'm wearing today, my precious gift from Jennifer and Laura....a silver necklace with a foot print and hand print on one side and engraving on the it!

I've got to say some serious thank yous.....

First to my hubby and sweet girl. He never complains and always encourages my crazy ideas. Love him, and of course Sadie Mae who inspires us everyday. She woke me this morning singing "won't my momma be so proud of me" ...her favorite song right now, Bringing Home My Baby Bumble Bee. I thought, there's not a more fitting way to end such a beautiful event. I AM proud of you Sadie Mae. Will always be. You'll do great things.

Second to my incredible assistant Erica. I cannot say enough about her. She has been such a blessing to the studio in the last month or so that she's come on board. She has really stepped up to the plate. She is such a great "helper" one of the kindest spirits I know.

Third to my friend and encourager, Bridgett. I'm about to cry writing this.... She has been with me from the very beginning of my work with Greenville Hospital. When we were told we couldn't, she walked out of that meeting and said we can. I'm so proud to have her as my friend and I'm excited about the next project her and I are dreaming up!

Lastly for the lovely ladies at GHS. Jennifer Parker, Jennifer Griffin, Laura Meister, Rachel Balck, these ladies have been so helpful and have been so supportive of "me doing my thing." They've trusted me with so much. I am forever grateful for their help in so many ways. I just can't say enough about how easy they've made this entire process. You guys I'll always think of as great friends. Thank you!

Sponsors Included: Publix Supermarkets - food, Hogan Construction, Davis Electrical and Plumbing,  WHCC - portrait printing, and Friends and Family of Wall of Hope Participants and Rescued By Love Participants.

Rescued By Love 2012

Our goal is to raise $10,000 and provide the following tangible needs for the Bryan NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the Greenville Hospital System.

  • 1 - Sound Ear - $2000 - There's no barrier like the barrier of a Mother's womb to facilitate the neurological development of a baby. However, when a child is born early this barrier is gone making sound levels much more important.This instrument alerts visitors to the NICU, and nurses, of the room's noise level. For more information visit this link:
  • 1- IV Finder - $4500 - This is a "flashlight" of sorts that illuminates the skin so nurses and doctors can locate tiny veins more easily, with no risk of burning the sensitive skin of a preemie. For more information visit this link:
  • 5 - Breast Milk Warmers - $900 each - This is an advanced warmer that effectively warms frozen breast milk to the temperature that a baby would normally get from a Mother when nursing. Because of the conditions and size of most preemies nursing is not an option. This is the next, most effective, and safe way of delivering a Mother's breastmilk. This warmer is also waterless which reduces the risk of infections for these tiny miracles. For more information visit this link:

So, here's how you can help....

  • Simply vote for your favorite angel. $1 = 1 vote.
  • To vote: fill out the form below, INCLUDE the contestant number (a one or two digit number shown in lower left, when you click the thumbnail for a bigger view). Note: If you're giving on behalf of a wall of hope participant that wasn't a part of the angel voting, just use the number 00 as contestant number. You may also drop donations by our studio during regular business hours. Deadline is Friday at 5pm for drop off donations! Checks should be made to Greenville Hospital System. Checks can also be mailed to: GHS Office of Philanthropy & Partnership, c/o Lakeisha Boston, 300 E. McBee Ave., Suite 200, Greenville, SC 29601 Please include "RBL Charity" and the contestant number in the memo line! Please postmark those by Friday to be counted properly.
  • All gifts are tax deductible and a receipt is provided. **note for siblings: totals will be combined if they're not shown together. in other words, if one wins the other will win.

Winners Prizes

  • The TOP 13 will be published in our Angel Calendar. Available for purchase at $10 each. Proceeds to benefit the NICU.
  • The top giver will be our cover Angel! The grand prize will include a year of portraits at Tiffiney's: 1-standard session, 1-limited edition sunflower session, 1-limited edition Christmas or Santa session. Sessions cannot be exchanged for cash value, and if not booked in 2012 will be lost.
  • Top 13 will all receive a special invitation to our, invite only, Wall of Hope unveiling ceremony at Greenville Hospital on March 27th.
  • FOR EVERYONE: There's a special prize of a 4x6 disk of images, from your session, for every participant if we reach our $10,000 goal.

[iframe 785 585]