Pageant Headshots

Do you have a pageant coming up? Need a few headshots? Come see us!

We've had so much fun lately with a couple of teen girls. This little lady, our latest contestant.

Crossing fingers for some photogenic awards..... to put a big smile on her face...

.....and a big pat on my back.

Come on judges! She is beautiful!

No plastic face here, all natural retouching. (I hate those over retouched headshots you see often with glitz pageants)

Props to Jessica at Clinque.

That last of my favorite, favorite, ever of a teen. Gosh. Lovely.

Model Photography

I'm growing to really love model photography, almost as much as bridal portrait photography, I should probably create a gallery for it. I've got some great work I could showcase. These were shot in sleepy Westminster and oh so beautiful. I see people shooting down here a lot which used to not be the norm...or maybe I just wasn't around to notice. The front of my studio looks a lot like Charleston and her nautical outfit was so perfect! If we can't be in Charleston, we can pretend, I suppose...