Kristiansand, Norway | Wedding Photography

Love my friend. If you knew her, you'd love her too.

Gentle. Passionate. Faithful.

A friend of over 10 years, we first met in New Zealand with YWAM.

We traveled to China together for outreach, then hung out again in her home country when I studied culture and linguistics.

She's one of those friends that you can pick up right where you left off, even after months of no communication.

She made the trek here for my wedding in 03, last month I made the trek for her.

'cause that's what friends do, celebrate special moments together.

Although, I wasn't the main photographer she encouraged me to shoot. Gladly.

My favorite, the ceremony.

That moment when before God, family, and friends, you commit.

Commit to a life of purpose together.

There's a picture below that is how I always picture her...eyes closed loving on God while the praise team sings.

A worship warrior. Not just a beautiful voice, but a heart of committed faithfulness.

I was crying. Like I always do. The emotional one of us both.

Watching God answer prayers right before my eyes. Not understanding a word, but knowing clearly, this moment - heaven sent.

Love Norway weddings for the fact there's lots of time between the ceremony and reception for portraits!

A bit of snow on the hillside, left over from the winter and just days before, when I arrived! Lucky gal to get such pretty sunshine on the wedding day! Entering the reception...everyone eagerly awaiting.

A hand written note was tucked away in the reception booklet for each guest. The booklet told of each person in attendance and their relationship with the bride and/or groom. One of the most thoughtful personal touches I have EVER seen. Beautiful.Another beautiful detail of Norwegian weddings...reception speeches. By far the most touching, even if it was the only speech from a groom to a bride that I've ever heard. Me, in tears again, yes.Her dad, in all his sweetness. Then she tells him, all the things she loves. Sigh. The night of course carries on with lots of food, cakes, and more speeches from everyone. I put my camera down and enjoyed.

I didn't give a speech but I was so touched to hear from everyone how special these two are. What Oline's friends and family said about her completely overwhelmed me. I know how special she is...all those qualities that make our friendship so lovely...and seriously, everyone knows these things about her too! Not speaking the same language, I've never communicated with her friends/family on a deep level about what makes our friendship special. BUT there's no need too. They have this friendship with her too.

Happy wedding day to you, my friend. To your new husband. To your lives together.