Fall Portrait Season



Fall has "officially" arrived with finally some color on trees! I'm pretty booked through the next couple of weeks but will work you in if at all possible if you haven't  booked yet. Don't let this beautiful season slip by!





Here's a few quick recent favs….in case you've not been following my posts on Facebook.

I will be announcing "The Manger" Limited Edition Sessions SOON! Hopefully shooting some sample sessions this week so you guys can get an idea of the setup.

Happy fall!

One Year Portraits at Death Valley, Clemson SC

The stadium is a fun location for boys. Boys of all ages I might add. I think this Dad enjoyed the stadium more than any other person I've ever photographed at the stadium. Not joking. He was like a kid in a candy store. That twinkle in his eye....loving every moment. Sweetness! So we played and had fun...there was even a little tackling going on, and a little pretend TOUCHDOWN. Here's to decorating the man cave with Drew's one year portraits!

Birthday Portraits | Smash Cake

This sweetness seriously needs no introduction. If you've followed the blog, you've followed her portraits. Right from the beginning, birth photography to be exact! Click here for the post. I can't believe it's been almost a year since that early morning trip to Anmed. Sigh. They grow way too fast. We found some lovely light for her more traditional one year portrait, then had fun at the bridge with a HUGE balloon!

As always, Mommy had some cute little things prepared for her smash cake at the end. Pompoms hanging in the tree, the most adorable handmade hat, cutie pattootie bloomers, and polished nails! Sweetness. Gotta love having a little girl....and gotta love a little girl that lets you have so much fun!