Personal Update: My kiddos


  img_8788I have not even posted a blog about my kiddos. Mercy, things here have obviously taken a back seat.

Here are my little nuggets. He is our surprise baby. I like to call him my "simmer" baby... as I'm convinced it was our essential oil blend Simmer (hormonal blend) that even made him possible.

img_8818So now I've known it.

What infertility is like, before having Sadie and being diagnosed with PCOS.

What the NICU is like, having Sadie at 25 weeks and spending 3 months in the hospital.

img_8784img_8804Now, what a surprise miracle baby is like... you know, that baby you could 'never have on your own'...

Thankfully I had an incredible doctor that monitored me very closely. It was a great pregnancy other than the normal, nausea... aches and pains... severe leg cramps... sleepless nights... swelling...

It was beautiful being able to bring him home right away, and to experience all the things I didn't recognize I missed with Sadie Mae.

She is the best most caring big sister ever, such a huge help. I was once worried about such the age difference, but now I'm relieved. How you people do it with lots of little littles at the same time is beyond me.

Here's an image of them this summer on the gulf coast at Panama City... and a few of my maternity taken by my sister-in-law, Julie Smith.img_9234 fg9a4881fg9a4891 fg9a5226 fg9a5228


Simply Aroma Essential Oils

Always sweet when my work is featured, screen shot below. Go see it for yourself at my website at  Always a pleasure to photograph for the company that stole my heart. Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 7.09.16 PM

Remember all that essential oil talk on the blog months ago....the reason I closed my main street studio location....blame them ------> Simply Aroma.

I must say, I have not regretted it for one second. What an amazing opportunity I was given last January. You know, sometimes you've just got to take chances. Especially when chances involve personal growth.

I have definitely grown as a business owner and person more in the last year and a half, than I have in the last 30 years. I am presently team leader of almost 700 ladies and gents who love oils and love people. Seriously blessed to have this opportunity. To be able to help others live more naturally, fulfilling my gifting of teaching and leadership, with a dash of creative on the side...and getting paid for it without the demands of a retail space!

In case you were wondering, there are still tremendous opportunities with this AMAZING company. I cannot say enough about them, what they stand for, and the quality products they provide. You can watch the joining video at for a $100 off coupon toward any starter kit. If applied to the smallest kit you only pay $20 for shipping! Can't beat that, $20 for 6 essential oils (Lemon, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Wild Orange, and Slenderize) and a carrier oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil! Use my Consultant ID# 813312 at sign up. You can sign for personal use (25% off oils) or work it as a business.

What the heck are you waiting on? It's not a fad, oils have been around for a long long time. I've replaced my cleaning supplies with oils, personal care products and medicine cabinet!

OH, and for JUNE signups an extra joining incentive, a free roll-on, pre diluted, relaxation! 11150909_10206547818432062_719955247993711692_n

Check out my YouTube channel on how to use essential oils, click here. There are also a few additional videos on how to make your own face wash, deodorant, pain butter, etc.

Click here for my Facebook group where we talk all things oily!

We ARE a party plan company and that makes us crazy unique.... I'm booking June and July demos now, if you'd like to get a few friends together and earn FREE oils, email me! aromadroppers@yahoo.com11377103_10206968464557074_5406736619717708565_nAs if, this post wasn't long enough. I must mention our fundraising efforts for the Anchor House. Our Simply Gives charity recipient's (Restore One) current safe house project for sex trafficked boys in the U.S., one of the only of its kind. Again - I love this company - they are matching donations up to $2000! Go give now, at the shop link on my website!

Gift Making & Tree Farm


All natural gifts. I love them. I do. I've decided to forgo the holiday rush the day after Thanksgiving and spend it with my family.

Several reasons.

One. We need nothing. Really. We need nothing. We have so much. Too much.

Two. I'm making lots of Christmas gifts this year.

As most well know, that follow me here, I have a huge love of Essential Oils and the company Simply Aroma.

Don't be fooled, these oils aren't just for aromatic purposes, I use them for everything!

I make my own face wash, deodorant, moisturizers, cleaning supplies... we use them for health and wellness.

I cannot express what it's done for how I feel. I've lost weight. I've stayed well, 2 doctor visits in the last year for me and only one for my 5 year old. Uh. yes please!

Back to gifting...

It's sooooo easy to make thoughtful, beneficial gifts with essential oils. We just had an amazing "making gifts with essential oils" demo a couple weeks ago and I shared also the ideas with our national consultants... the response was great! So I'm opening a Facebook event to share the information with those that haven't seen it yet! Join me at this link! You could win free oils! If you love oils already and want to see our black friday specials click here!

So, a little bit of eye candy - to go along with this extra jolly post... tree farm portraits from this week! I can open up a Sunday if I have enough interest, message me! No fuss. No props. Just you and your family. Simple, classic, lovely.

Package includes digital files!

As most know, I've shifted my business to only newborns and wedding...this would be one of those limited edition opportunities open to anyone!IMG_6604IMG_6620IMG_6678IMG_6784IMG_6818-2Awesome tree farm in Central SC. Go cut your own or pick up a pre-cut. LOVE this farm. We will be supporting this local business this year! Click here for their website!

Seasons Changing

There's a season for everything... I love that verse in the bible.

This season hit me smack dab in the forehead at about mock-90.

It's a good thing, otherwise I may not have given it the time of day.

Like a bullet, my side job, if you want to call it that, essential oils with Simply Aroma, exploded between March and April.

Sorry that was way too many commas.

Anyhoo. Here I am. A team leader of over 200 ladies.

Whaaa? I've always considered myself a leader… but whoa.

I'm loving it.

These gals are amazing.

This product is amazing.

This company is amazing.

So amazing that 3 days after deciding to close my studio storefront, they hired me to do some company wide sales training.

Can you say, provision?


Whatever you want to call it.

So here I am at the crossroads of seasons, with a mind and heart at complete peace.

A husband that's happy to have me home and a daughter that is over the moon to have me working right next to her playroom.

This would be the official "the studio storefront is now closed" post.

You can reach me at the same number as always, and the same online locations as always.

One small change.

I have decided to specialize in the things that I really LOVE, Weddings and Newborns. This means I will still be offering the baby club and those sessions related to both weddings and newborns. I will NOT however be photographing high school seniors, headshots, corporate events, families, etc….

I do plan, if time permits, to offer small mini-sessions of sorts for families/children during certain seasons.

All sessions will now be on location as well.

Want to see what all the essential oil fuss is about? Get some, try it. You'll love it, promise! My Simply Aroma Website

Already have essential oils and want to join our Facebook oil discussion? Click here. Our team name is Aroma Droppers

Want to join the number one team in the company? Contact me. Seriously. If you're wishing you would have already joined us, it's not too late! August is free sign up kits!

Next up… a long over due, Savannah Georgia wedding day photography post!

Essential Oils Product Photography


So, I've been doing a little product photography for my Essential Oils group, Aroma Droppers. We are all Independent Consultants with Simply Aroma. LOVE this company and essential oils… their commitment to oil purity and their business model. That being said, they sent me some oils to do a little photography with - they happen to really dig my vintage studio - so I had some fun! Here's a few of the pieces I created for my team. Feel free to tag these lovely images and use the recipes for yourself! Share the love of essential oils! They've been a lifesaver for my family this winter. No strep throat. No Pneumonia. No flu. Only pink eye. I can deal with that.

If you'd like to check out the oils come to my demo at the studio next Saturday, March 29th. This demo is on beauty and skin care. I've not bought one moisturizer or facial cleanser in months and my skin feels amazing! Just email me if you plan to come, so I can have enough seating. We have 30 ladies coming already!!!! Join our Facebook oil group Aroma Droppers if you want to know more about essential oils!  RSVP to our event online too!