Personal Update: My kiddos


  img_8788I have not even posted a blog about my kiddos. Mercy, things here have obviously taken a back seat.

Here are my little nuggets. He is our surprise baby. I like to call him my "simmer" baby... as I'm convinced it was our essential oil blend Simmer (hormonal blend) that even made him possible.

img_8818So now I've known it.

What infertility is like, before having Sadie and being diagnosed with PCOS.

What the NICU is like, having Sadie at 25 weeks and spending 3 months in the hospital.

img_8784img_8804Now, what a surprise miracle baby is like... you know, that baby you could 'never have on your own'...

Thankfully I had an incredible doctor that monitored me very closely. It was a great pregnancy other than the normal, nausea... aches and pains... severe leg cramps... sleepless nights... swelling...

It was beautiful being able to bring him home right away, and to experience all the things I didn't recognize I missed with Sadie Mae.

She is the best most caring big sister ever, such a huge help. I was once worried about such the age difference, but now I'm relieved. How you people do it with lots of little littles at the same time is beyond me.

Here's an image of them this summer on the gulf coast at Panama City... and a few of my maternity taken by my sister-in-law, Julie Smith.img_9234 fg9a4881fg9a4891 fg9a5226 fg9a5228


Happy Snow Days and Valentine's Day!


Wow what a week in the "snowy, everything's shut down" South! I love this place.

So it's Valentine's Day. I curled her hair and put a pretty red bow in it. She thinks she's something.

4 Years ago today we found out we were pregnant. She is definitely the love of our life.

Today, she's with me working.

We cook together often so of course when she heard me in the studio kitchen she came running.

Together we made a Luxury scrub with PINK Himalayan salt, which she thinks is the coolest thing since Rapunzel. Ok. Not really. But she likes it lots.


These are small 4 oz jars available with ANY gift certificate purchase in the studio today, Valentine's Day, from 1-4 or anytime next week!


The lady of the house will LOVE this. It will make her hands uber soft.

These are also listed on my Etsy site for those that aren't local. 

If you're not keeping up with us on Facebook please do so! You're missing the following events happening at the studio...

Art with Annie on Wednesdays - Our first class we had over 30 children! This is a free community event!

Tuesday night Yoga with Tara ($10) - I'll be blogging this goodness after our next class, when I can capture some images. Starts at 7pm sharp, you are welcomed to just show up!

Happy love day!

BONUS: Make a Luminary (cure that snow cabin fever)

Made these with Sadie Mae and my little brother over the snow days…. fill balloon with water, dip in hot wax (about 180degrees, I used white beeswax pellets), repeat repeat. Sit on wax paper to create level base. Wait then repeat dipping to make strong solid sides. Cool then pop balloon. Use hot pan or griddle to level off top of luminary - by turning on it's top onto hot surface. Insert votive. Wahlah! Love love love

Who are we kidding?


Who are we kidding? The first day of school really looks like this... But we pretend it's this...

I decorated her room this morning with balloons and streamers. She is SO not a morning person like me, so I thought the balloons would put her in a good mood. It totally worked!

Happy first day back to school Mommies! Hope you have a relaxed day of ice cream, naps, and all the grown-up TV your heart desires. Cheers!

Blowing the Whistle

Sometimes you gotta blow the whistle. Stop the game.The game of "busy." Wife,  mommy, business woman. Serving on boards, committees, the most demanding... coordinator of bill paying, grocery gathering, and clothes washing.

Pressure. Pressure. To do it all. To give everything 110%.

In late May,  my wheels came to a screeching stop with a letter that our daughter was accepted into a pre-k program. My last summer with my "baby" before big school? Seriously?

So as you can imagine, before summer, I blew the whistle and blew it LOUDLY. Decision #1: Cut studio hours back. Decision #2: Take moments planned and unplanned to be together. Decision #3: Put cooking dinner every night and finishing the home improvement list WAY on the back burner....and every other time consuming craft my little heart desired.

As a result, our summer has seriously consisted of friends, family, and Sadie's favorite activity swimming....we've definitely been pool hopping!

How lovely it's been, to have Fridays off as a family. To enjoy each other. Falling in love more with the man I married 10 years ago and the little girl who rocked my world 4 years ago.

You know, we are all in this together. Keeping each other accountable. Reminding ourselves that life is short, kids grow way too quickly, and love is worth taking the time AND making the choice for.... my husband needs me just as much as my kid does, and I need them both even more so. Truth.

My only explanation to a client's compliment that I "look great" is that I'm well rested....and perhaps I'm loving more.

It's amazing what a little prioritizing can do for the body and soul.

A few more weeks before school starts! Blow your whistle in whatever way possible...share time with one another. Before time runs out.

Beach Portraits at Cherry Grove, S.C.

I'm back! We had a fabulous time at the beach last week…considering. 2 with Strep, 1 with a kidney infection. 3 hours at urgent care. A late night ride to the hospital, in an ambulance, in order to get through the firework traffic. All of which occurred on the 4th of July, my daughter's birthday. Serious.

Those of you who have followed the blog for any length of time know that I'm quite particular about Sadie Mae's birthday parties. Well…this time. I had to let go. I physically could not function. I was one of the two with strep. Sitting in the kitchen on a chair in order to get the cupcakes in the oven because I just felt too bad to stand.

It definitely felt like a "body crash."  Body Crash: "a common occurrence in business owners. The phenomenon of a sudden physical attack on the body, after months of work, occurring at the sign of relaxation, i.e. vacation."

So, my poor mom and sister-in-law who joined us at the beach for relaxation, suddenly found themselves slaves to my "we gotta do it this way" birthday prep commands.

It's all a bit of a blur. I felt better eventually, the day we left to be exact. Perfect, because there was lots of cleaning to do! No way was I going to leave a friend's place with any trace of strep in the house!

There's more to the story…but I digress, and cut to a few of my favorite pics.

Big thanks to my sis-in-law, and in case you didn't know, my regular wedding assistant, who took our family portraits! Can't believe I felt up to it.

Party pics first....a mermaid/pearls affair.  Starfish wands. Mermaid tail and pearl cupcakes.Sharing a party with her bff, her cousin. She's a lucky gal to always have such amazing fireworks on her birthday! A few of my favorite playing at the beach. A couple more "portrait" pics that I adore!