Senior Portraits | Westminster, SC

School's back in session! Can't believe it. I'm waaaay late in showcasing some of Cece's senior portraits. She's so beautiful and came all the way from Washington State! Woohoo. Senior portraits are fun to shoot in the summer, near the water where we can cool off.... Lovely girl, congrats Cece! Thanks family for coming back with daugher #2...what will we photograph next?? Weddings I guess..... :)

Senior Portraits | Hayley

One more visit to the wheat field, with another beautiful senior. Who graduated this year! Some seniors come in the summer before their senior year, some come around graduation. Makes no difference, unless you want photo invites....which are amazingly more beautiful than those very expensive text invites sent from the school.

If you're coming up on your senior year call me, and we'll go take some fun pictures. Something that's you. You'll have a nice summer tan for them too!

Sweet girl, we went for the whole Taylor Swift vibe. She worked it well!

Beach Portraits | 2011

Ok. So I thought the beach was out of the question this year...but things have worked out and I may be taking a couple of trips this summer...ooooh I'm so excited! Email me for details, or post a comment here. I'll be sending the notifications to those first on my list next week; package information, dates, etc. Booking will also start next week, I'm taking a quick trip this weekend to clear my head and get my thoughts together. haha!


Another Senior in the's been a while since I've shot seniors and I must say I've been revitalized. They're so much fun. They can follow instruction, and the girls especially LOVE it which makes it very easy on me. I swear she did not take a bad picture, and the afternoon light was just perfect! ...if it was up to me, I'd much rather spend the cash on something creative like these rather than boring school photos! Oh how I wish the school yearbook would let you submit your own school picture like they do in the North. That would be awesome!