Rescued By Love 2013 Results

Rescued By Love 2013 raised a total of $12,805 for the Bryan NICU of Childrens GHS! You guys seriously deserve a dinner date, I wish I could afford a steak dinner for you all. I do have a customer appreciation day in the works for the summer at our local park for your sweet kiddos. Keep coming here for the announcement, in late spring/early summer. The customer appreciation day will celebrate our community and your giving hearts...all that you guys have done for Rescued By Love. With that said, I feel like I should mention that this was the last year of our Rescued by Love fundraiser. I feel my heart moving on, and our customer appreciation day will conclude all that we've accomplished as a community, friends and family. I appreciate you all SO much and am literally in tears as my heart urges me to move to other projects.

Now for the announcement of our Calendar kids...before I get too sappy.

First place and Calendar Cover Kid #20-Davis

Second place #22-Rettew

Third place #29-Williams

All of these leaders raised over $1000, some close to $2000, incredible!

Our other calendar kids who each raised over $450, some over $1000, include in this order...










The calendars are going to be spectacular with all these cute kiddos! Calendars are sold at cost, by preorder only. $10 each. If you are interested in a calendar purchase, email me the quantity you would like and I'll send you a payment link.  Orders must be received by April 15th, so we can have calendars printed and ready for distribution in May. AS A THANK YOU FOR OUR FINAL YEAR OF RESCUED BY LOVE, THUMBNAILS OF ALL CHILDREN WHO PARTICIPATED WILL BE FEATURED ON THE BACK OF THE CALENDAR.

So, here's to over $12,000 to help the NICU with their breastfeeding initiative! The amount of children and families you will help is the ultimate reward. God bless you.

Greenville Hospital System | Bryan NICU Wall of Hope

Excited to finally share with you images from the beautiful Wall of Hope display at the Greenville Hospital System Bryan NICU. It's so incredibly awesome to see all of those sweet faces on walls that were once so bare. Thanks to all of you who participated in our Rescued By Love portrait charity event, which tied right into this Wall of Hope project. YOU made it all so very possible! This, for sure, has been the highlight of my year here at the studio. And as if it could get any better, the ladies at GHS schemed to get my daughter on the wall. For personal reasons, I had decided not to feature Sadie Mae, but they wouldn't have it any other way. Incredible to see her sweet face on the wall, and to know that not so long ago we were walking those halls daily with so many uncertainties. This can only be described as a full circle moment. Blessed.

Here's what they wrote for it might be hard to read from the picture.

"Sadie Mae was born at 25 weeks weighing 1lb 7oz. She was 12 inches long. During her stay of 87 days, her mother, Tiffiney, did what came naturally to her; chronicled her daughter's NICU journey through beautiful photography. When Sadie Mae was just over a year old, Tiffiney started "Rescued By Love" a portrait charity event that raises money for the Bryan NICU. At almost three years of age Sadie Mae was the inspiration of the "Wall of Hope," which now lines the halls of the NICU entrances.Thanks to Tiffiney every family who enters the Bryan NICU is offered hope through her beautiful photographs of NICU graduates who are now healthy and happy."

Please if you've never joined us for our Rescued by Love charity event, make plans to join us in Feb 2013! We are going BIG this year with a goal of $25,000!

Here is an example of a family/child that your portrait participation will help. Met this adorable couple last week and their sweet, sweet boy. They're tied to my studio by way of a very special client who was so very kind to us while we were in the NICU. I consider her a big reason that I give back now.NICU parents, there's just an extra thankfulness in their eyes....

Wall of Hope Ceremony

Since 2010, I waited for this moment. Something so far out of reach, a reality in just 2 years.

Emotional to say the least.

Hopefully, as in the words of my sweet friend Bridgett, my emotions gave permission for the families to express their emotions.

What a blessing to see, each family touched so deeply.

I hope it was as special for them as it was for me.

I hope it's a memory they will always carry.

A celebration they can always reference.

That moment that might somehow replace all the things they might have "missed" as a preemie parent.

Thank you for celebrating with us, all of you. Rescued by Love participants and Wall of Hope families and friends.

Here's a sweet video GHS Giving posted on their blog today. Click here to go read the story too, it's great!

I'm wearing today, my precious gift from Jennifer and Laura....a silver necklace with a foot print and hand print on one side and engraving on the it!

I've got to say some serious thank yous.....

First to my hubby and sweet girl. He never complains and always encourages my crazy ideas. Love him, and of course Sadie Mae who inspires us everyday. She woke me this morning singing "won't my momma be so proud of me" ...her favorite song right now, Bringing Home My Baby Bumble Bee. I thought, there's not a more fitting way to end such a beautiful event. I AM proud of you Sadie Mae. Will always be. You'll do great things.

Second to my incredible assistant Erica. I cannot say enough about her. She has been such a blessing to the studio in the last month or so that she's come on board. She has really stepped up to the plate. She is such a great "helper" one of the kindest spirits I know.

Third to my friend and encourager, Bridgett. I'm about to cry writing this.... She has been with me from the very beginning of my work with Greenville Hospital. When we were told we couldn't, she walked out of that meeting and said we can. I'm so proud to have her as my friend and I'm excited about the next project her and I are dreaming up!

Lastly for the lovely ladies at GHS. Jennifer Parker, Jennifer Griffin, Laura Meister, Rachel Balck, these ladies have been so helpful and have been so supportive of "me doing my thing." They've trusted me with so much. I am forever grateful for their help in so many ways. I just can't say enough about how easy they've made this entire process. You guys I'll always think of as great friends. Thank you!

Sponsors Included: Publix Supermarkets - food, Hogan Construction, Davis Electrical and Plumbing,  WHCC - portrait printing, and Friends and Family of Wall of Hope Participants and Rescued By Love Participants.

A Nurse and Her Primary | Wall of Hope

Last but NOT least, Nurse Andi and her primary. If you're wondering what a "primary" is, each baby is assigned a "head" way I can think to explain it.

A nurse is most always on duty with the primary when working.

However, nurses definitely take care of more babies than just their primary on any given shift.

I also, in my own terms, defined our primary nurse for Sadie Mae as someone who took care of us too! Making sure we knew what was going on, a daily care taker contact.

Just thought that might be helpful explained, because if you've never been in the NICU sometimes the terms are quite foreign.

I had an assistant for this little session, my friend and incredible encourager, Bridgett.

While we were standing in the NICU she mentions "everything is so quite...I can't believe all these babies are this quite."

Then it hits me.

A memory.

In the archives deep.

I remember the first time I actually heard Sadie Mae cry. It was a happy day.

Imagine waiting weeks or months to hear your baby cry.

I shared with Bridgett and she said "Wow, those little things Moms take for granted. I didn't realize."

So, here's the sweet story about Andi.

She was a 29 weeker, 2lbs 10oz, about 30 years the Bryan NICU at GHS!

She now dedicates her life to helping premature infants like herself.

She's been a nurse at GHS for 4 years, how awesome!

Talk about giving back!

...and it looks to me like her primary LOVES her!

FYI: Tomorrow's post, the winners of our 2012 Rescued By Love Portrait Contest! Also, details on our total funds raised!

If you'd like to sponsor Andi's wall portrait, to be displayed on the walls leading to the NICU, below is the link where you can give. Any amount over the cost of printing will be applied to our goal of 1 sound ear, 1 IV finder, and 5 breast milk warmers for the Bryan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Greenville Hospital System. All gifts are tax deductible and you'll receive a receipt from the Greenville Hospital System.

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