Every now and then I'll have a Mom call for a senior session. It is by far not something I consider my "specialty" but it's a really nice break from the craziness of toddlers and the stress of weddings. It's almost too easy at times. This age does need a bit more instruction but I just like to catch them as they their comfortable state of changing positions/setups/poses you'll most often hear me say STOP, STOP....that's perfect! Nate's pretty unique. I noticed right off that he had different "looks" depending on the angle. At times he would look really young, and in other moments he would look all grown up. Such a fun and transitional age. I remember my senior year. The unknown of what to do, what to be, where to go to times. Really. I enjoyed those days. I know he will too. In typical male fashion, he also wouldn't admit it, but he enjoyed the session. :)

For the record, just in case I haven't said it lately, I love the new studio. No silly backdrops. Clean. Simple. Easy.

What You Pay For

Just wanted to fill you guys in on what you're paying for when you hire a "professional" photographer. "Professional"  because there's lots of "them" now that digital cameras are so accessible. For the record, I'm not bashing anyone, I think it's great when people follow their passions, after all I am! However, when you're looking for a photographer compare apples to apples, puhleease! So here we have it. I'll be daring and show you a bit of my process, so you can be educated as to what actually goes on. ...wait before I go further. I read a great comment from another photographer..."no one should be without portraits, there's lots of photographers at many different price points. so money should never be an excuse." So here's what you have when you pay me. Straight out of the camera

Small bit of touch up

More extensive touchup, something softer, with a vintage feel.

A little different extensive work, a little more punchy, my favorite for this photograph. After all kids are bright and happy...most of the time. :)

AND the black and white process. This black and white I would NEVER process! It's just a 100% desaturated image, looks like something you'd get from a one hour place. (no offense, I used to work at one)

The REAL deal black and white. How I normally process images into black and whites.You know, there's something to be said for images not overworked but pleasingly enhanced. Just sayin.

Btw, this is lil sis. Her eyes I did NOT touch/enhance. When you get the light and the focus right they're beautiful like this, which unfortunately I'm not always so lucky to get, but I sure do try!

Sunflowers and Seniors!

The sunflowers are field is about to burst. I'm planning mini-sessions for the kiddos for the end of the month. Clear your calendar, it's going to be precious! For now, I'm enjoying the patch with some individuals.

..namely, this rising Senior who was sooooo photogenic!

She's a girl much like me who loves photography. I've GOT to get a shirt like hers! Thanks for a fun fun session! ...and for coming all the way from Washington...ok. ok. Well, you didn't come just for me but I can careful going home!

Mother's Day

It's not too early to be thinking about Mother's day! It's just around the corner. I have gift certificates and NEW jewelry designs available. This is probably one of my favorite designs to date....AND would be great with a picture from the Angels' Among Us project inserted!

Jewelry order cutoff date for arrival in time for Mother's day is April 23rd!

More Portrait Art

Most of my clients feel this's much better to spend the money on a personal work of art. Sweet Nikki sent me pics of her baby's room...which by the way is awesome! Lavendar and brown, it's sooo cute. Can't wait to see her next wall of portraits in the dining area! Congrats Nikki, you get $25 to spend just for sending in a pic of Tiffiney portraits on your wall! lydiaNext, Tracy. She had the same idea that I did...something in the bedroom! So very sweet! You get $25 too!traSo I told you guys I was working on a holiday decoration with portraits for our home. Here it is. With all the Christmas decor I pull out every year, this one will be included. Sadie Mae's first Christmas over our mantel.santa

Don't be afraid to decorate with portraits! Keep sending your shots in for free money! I want to see what you guys are doing with your portraits.