Mommy Monday | The Perfect Age

I swanny Sadie Mae is the PERFECT age for the beach this year. She played so hard and did NOT want to leave. It was a fight getting her in the car seat....after the morning on the beach Sunday she crashed before we even turned onto another block, she was crazy tired. We MUST make another trip, or two. I didn't realize she'd be so fun, last year, NOT so fun. She was only crawling and loved to eat the sand. Gosh, we gotta go back!

Beach Portraits | 2011

Ok. So I thought the beach was out of the question this year...but things have worked out and I may be taking a couple of trips this summer...ooooh I'm so excited! Email me for details, or post a comment here. I'll be sending the notifications to those first on my list next week; package information, dates, etc. Booking will also start next week, I'm taking a quick trip this weekend to clear my head and get my thoughts together. haha!

What You Pay For

Just wanted to fill you guys in on what you're paying for when you hire a "professional" photographer. "Professional"  because there's lots of "them" now that digital cameras are so accessible. For the record, I'm not bashing anyone, I think it's great when people follow their passions, after all I am! However, when you're looking for a photographer compare apples to apples, puhleease! So here we have it. I'll be daring and show you a bit of my process, so you can be educated as to what actually goes on. ...wait before I go further. I read a great comment from another photographer..."no one should be without portraits, there's lots of photographers at many different price points. so money should never be an excuse." So here's what you have when you pay me. Straight out of the camera

Small bit of touch up

More extensive touchup, something softer, with a vintage feel.

A little different extensive work, a little more punchy, my favorite for this photograph. After all kids are bright and happy...most of the time. :)

AND the black and white process. This black and white I would NEVER process! It's just a 100% desaturated image, looks like something you'd get from a one hour place. (no offense, I used to work at one)

The REAL deal black and white. How I normally process images into black and whites.You know, there's something to be said for images not overworked but pleasingly enhanced. Just sayin.

Btw, this is lil sis. Her eyes I did NOT touch/enhance. When you get the light and the focus right they're beautiful like this, which unfortunately I'm not always so lucky to get, but I sure do try!