Pure living for the whole family.

As well as a photographer, I am also largely dedicated to living an active, natural, chemical free life and sharing the how-to's with others. I also enjoy all things travel and the opportunity to document my Southern roots of family and food.

Among my list of creative credentials I am also an Ambassador and Presidential Founder of PURELY, a party plan pure product company. Within this opportunity I'm a leader of over 300 advisors!

I would love for you to join me in living pure with this ground floor opportunity. You can be a customer, host, or advisor yourself for great discounts on quality products, with labels that match the claims of PURE!  

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YouTube Review

"I used to use only Jan Marini products due to painful cystic acne. Making the second face wash she mentions with rose water changed my life. I have not had a breakout in four months. I am convinced this is more balancing than anything you'll ever use. I feel blessed to have found this channel specifically. With all my heart thank you for sharing."

-Ashton S, YouTube Subscriber

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Pure products for the home and body as well as essential oils. For shopping click www.bepure.ly/tiffiney Starting your own business with Purely is FREE, but you must be invited by me! Fill out my contact form to connect with me personally and click below for starter kit details. www.bepure.ly/join

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Essential Oil Reviews


Anchor - Nausea Blend

“Thank you for helping me find something for my Great Aunt and her nausea after chemotherapy treatments. Nothing else has worked!”

— Sara W.


“I'm off my sleeping meds that I've taken for 7 years, just by diffusing by my bed!”

— Vicky H.

Simmer - Hormone Blend

“My cycle is regular for the first time ever!”

— Randi, O




Living PURE personal consulting

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